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Spring Term Overview Part 1

Reception Reading List

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KS1 Math Challenge


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As part of their 'It's All About Me' topic, children in Ash class have been studying their faces. They have investigated their features using mirrors and have looked at how they are all different. This week, they have been painting self-portraits on paper plates. We hope you like them!

In maths, children have been investigating 2D shapes and manipulating them to make other shapes and pictures. They really enjoyed it!

Pupils in Ash class have been learning about repeating patterns. As part of their work, they created repeating patterns using pieces of fruit and a skewer. They really enjoyed making their own fruit kebabs!

Ash class have been learning about Diya lamps and their significance to the festival of Diwali. Last week, they modelled their own Diya lamps out of clay and left them to dry. This week, they have been decorating their lamps with paints and glitter. They look amazing!

As part of their Memorable Day, children in Ash Class worked together to paint giant farm animals for our 'Farmyard Fun' display. They cooperated really well and did a great job. Well done, Ash Class!

Children in Ash Class have been learning about weight this week. They were given an orange and had to find objects and predict whether they would be heavier or lighter than the orange. Then, they used the pan balance to find out if they were correct and sorted them into the correct group. If the object weighted the same as the orange, it stayed outside the groups.  The children really enjoyed finding and weighing the objects!

Our story of the week in Ash Class has been The Three Little Pigs. Children have loved listening to it and have particularly enjoyed performing their own versions of the story using our puppet theatre. They selected the correct puppets for each part of the story and performed the lines themselves.  Well done, Ash Class!


In maths this week, pupils in Ash Class have been investigating the composition of numbers up to 10. They made numbers in different ways and recorded their findings as number sentences. Well done, Ash Class!