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External Links for Learning

External Links for Learning


Many companies are now supporting parents with opportunities for learning and activities that can be completed at home. On this page you will find a list of suggested websites to support you and your children during this period. All activities on this page are suggestions and are not compulsory. Also please be advised that there are an increasing number of websites that will support home learning and activities that require a subscription. At no point will Laindon Park Primary School & Nursery endorse any website that requires a financial subscription to access their resources. 

The London Curriculum has reached out across the city to bring together free learning and cultural offers that children can access from home. Their aim is to support teachers and families during this challenging time and ensure that young Londoners still feel connected to the incredible people, places and culture of their city. They have focussed on London-specific offers, which add to the national list of online education resources published by the Department for Education.

You can search by age range, subject, key stage and organisation to find what you need. We know this can be a busy time, so we also asked organisations to estimate the level of adult supervision required:

  •  Low: child-led activity
    •    Medium: some adult input needed
    •    High: adult-led activity

Many of the organisations listed have a wealth of educational expertise, but as with any provision, it is at your discretion to decide whether a resource is suitable for your children/class.


ThoughtBoxEducation is a website that is creating activities and lessons for the whole family that are based on PSHE (Personal and Social Education). There are areas of this website that are subscription based and we are not suggesting you use these areas at all. The page that the link below send you to gives daily thoughtful activities and lessons for different age groups and is entirely free.

School of Thought’s daily activities have been designed to keep young minds active with a growth mindset supporting critical thinking, global citizenship, emotional intelligence and wellbeing for people and planet.


Wildlife Watch have put together a range of nature activities that are good for all age groups.


Phonics Play is a website with lots of information for parents about phonics including: what exactly phonics is, how it is taught in UK schools and suggestions for helping your child prepare for learning phonics. You will also find lots of games and ideas to explore with children at home.


Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of visual resources, that can inspire your child’s love of writing. It has lots of free resources for you to use.


BBC Bitesize has a range of video’s, quizzes and resources for every area of the curriculum.


White Rose Maths have prepared a series maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-6 to allow children to continue their daily maths lessons from home. By the end of the summer 2020 term, the team had created 640 Home Learning videos, along with extra resources and activities!


Storyline Online is an award-winning literacy programme, that has a huge range of books read by lots of famous people.


NHS Shape Up has lots of 10 minutes shape up exercises to keep you fit and healthy.