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Maple class have been designing their own theme parks ready for making their own park equipment in DT.

Maple class have been learning about famous scientists. They have designed information sheets about Stephen Hawking.


Maple class have begun making their very own playground equipment using a variety of resources!


The children in Maple class have been learning about cubed numbers this week and made models to represent the numbers.

Maple class have been finding out whether yeast is a living microorganism. They made predictions and carried out their own experiment. They found out that it is a living organism because it respires (breathes out carbon dioxide).

12 children from Laindon Park attended the Maths challenge yesterday and set an excellent example. They worked extremely hard and one team even came 2nd out of the whole competition. This team consisted of Izabela G, Izabella C, Sydney-Leigh and Ivie.

This week, Maple class have been busy making waistcoats for their teddy bears ready for Christmas!

Maple class have begun their electricity unit by making their own electronic Maths games.

Maple class have been designing their own steady hand games ready to make them next week!!

Year 6 had a day with a historian teaching the all about gas masks, the blitz, a German family and what happened to them in the war. 

Year 6 celebrated the end of SATs week today with their SATs breakfast for cereal and bacon rolls.