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As part of our new topic ‘Blood Heart’, Oak class made artificial blood and learnt all about the properties of the cells that make up blood.

Created: 2 Mar 20 16:28 | Last modified: 2 Mar 20 16:30

Maths in Oak

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Today in maths, Oak class consolidated their learning on fractions, decimals and percentages by finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Created: 2 Mar 20 16:02 | Last modified: 2 Mar 20 16:20

Inuit Art

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Today we have been creating our own inuit inspired art work to tie in with our topic of Frozen planet. We looked at the work of a famous inuit artist and then created our own designs, make a block printing template and then printed our own designs.

Created: 2 Mar 20 15:53 | Last modified: 2 Mar 20 15:55

Art Day

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During art day, Oak class studied the artist/sculpture/photographer Andy Goldsworthy. We found out about his life, looked at examples of his artwork and then designed and made our own designs using natural materials (as Andy does in his artwork). We then photographed our designs before returning the materials to the natural world and framing our master pieces!

Created: 6 Feb 20 16:29 | Last modified: 6 Feb 20 16:31

Frozen Kingdom

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Our new topic is Frozen Kingdom. We started the topic off by learning about the polar regions and investigating the animals and landscape. We have created models of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Created: 6 Feb 20 16:18 | Last modified: 6 Feb 20 16:24

Science in Oak

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Today in our science lessons, we have been learning that light always travels in straight lines. We conducted an experiment to prove this fact. We shone a torch through holes in card to see if the light could travel through. We found out that the light only travelled through when the holes were lined up as when they were not, the light could not travel through.

Created: 6 Feb 20 14:42 | Last modified: 6 Feb 20 14:45

WW2 Speaker

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We are lucky to have a midday assistant whose grandfather was in WW2. Mrs Groom has lots of artefacts from WW2 including money, medals and photographs. She came in to speak to oak class about the different artefacts and the part that her grandfather played in the war.

Created: 6 Feb 20 14:04 | Last modified: 6 Feb 20 14:29

WW2 Art

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Oak class have created ww2 artwork using pastels and other media to create tonal contrast.

Created: 6 Feb 20 11:59 | Last modified: 6 Feb 20 12:15

Oak Class Attendance Day

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Created: 19 Dec 19 10:41 | Last modified: 19 Dec 19 10:45

Maths Fractions

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Oak class have been consolidating their learning about adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers by explaining their reasoning skills to a partner whilst solving problems.

Created: 9 Dec 19 14:00 | Last modified: 9 Dec 19 14:02

The Plague

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To start off our new topic ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’ Today we had a visit from pestilence to tell us all about the medieval plague of 1348.

Created: 5 Nov 19 16:14 | Last modified: 5 Nov 19 16:16

Street Party

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This week Oak class have celebrated the end of their WW2 topic by hosting a VE day styled street party. They learnt about what VE day is and how it was celebrated around the country on 8th May 1945. The children created decorations for the event, prepared the party food and then celebrated at the street party whilst singing wartime songs that they have been learning throughout this topic.

Created: 5 Nov 19 15:59 | Last modified: 5 Nov 19 16:07

Anderson Shelters

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Today in Oak class, we have continued our learning about the second world war and designed and made our very own model Anderson shelters. We first investigated the shape of structures to find out which would make the strongest shelter before designing then making our shelters. We thought about how we could strengthen our structures as well as how to make ‘flaps’ to make it easy to stick extra parts on. We will continue to make furniture and decorate our shelters next week. We will also test them to make sure they fit the design brief of being able to house 6 Lego people and take the weight of our class novel (Letters from the lighthouse which is all about World War 2 evacuees!)!

Created: 9 Oct 19 16:12 | Last modified: 9 Oct 19 16:16

Oak Class Maths Lesson

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Today we have been learning how to read and write roman numerals up to 1000. We were able to match number cards to their roman numeral equivalent and write different important dates using roman numerals such as our date of birth, Christmas say, New Year’s day and most importantly today’s date!

Created: 26 Sep 19 13:31 | Last modified: 26 Sep 19 13:49

Oak Class Air Raid Shelters

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As part of our learning project about world war 2, the children in oak class have been investigating structures using large equipment ready for making smaller models next week. They have attempted to create their own air raid shelters.

Created: 26 Sep 19 13:45 | Last modified: 26 Sep 19 13:48