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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise


Keeping physically active is always important.  Due to the current restrictions we are all having to find new ways to keep active.

This page lists websites that are offering suggestions and activities for your child to stay active during this time.

These links are all accurate at the time of posting and all YouTube links can be viewed via the YouTube app.

Weekly School Challenge:

 The weekly challenge for this week is Bottle Skittles

How to play:  

Use empty plastic bottles as skittles and set them up approximately 5 metres away from where you are standing spacing them in a row of 3, 2 and then 1. 

Place a marker down on the floor to create a start line to aim from. This could be a pair of socks laid out on the floor or a teddy on the floor. 

Use a pair of socks rolled into a ball and try and hit as many skittles as possible.  

 Play with more people by playing against someone else and seeing how many throws it takes to knock all 6 of the skittles over.  

 Skill Tips: Stand opposite arm to leg when you start.  

                   Use your non-throwing hand to aim at the target 


  1. Fill the skittles with some water, to make them harder to knock over. You will have to throw a little bit harder to knock them over.  
  2. Move your starter marker further away from the skittles. 

Here are some activities you can do remotely:

Premier Sports have produced a series of guided videos which enables children to be active and learn a variety of new skills involving; multi skills, football and dance. 



The national Panathlon charity supports children with special educational needs access physical education and gives them an opportunity to compete in a range of events.




Association for Physical Education have created a series guided videos which works on a variety of different physical activity skills including problem solving, balance and agility. 



The BBC have produced a series of videos where children can have fun and follow the moves 



Change4life have create activity cards that children can complete indoors to keep them physical activity and indoor activities.



Cosmic Kids is a suggested resource from Sport England where children can do some yoga which is guided by a teacher on the video.



The Daily Mile have created a series of challenges to help to encourage children to run a mile a day.



This Girl Can suggest a series of Disney dance workouts for children to complete.



UK Active Kids are placing new missions everyday for the children to complete and involves some top athletes/stars. I thought this might be a good link to put on the school website under physical activity. 



Youth Sport Trust have designed a series of 60 second challenges to help get children moving in between their school lessons



Youth Sport Trust also have an after school club which runs on a Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm, which allows children to feel part of a club whilst schools are shut and youth sport is on hold. On Tuesdays the club introduces the theme for the week and on Thursday the children get the opportunity to do sport specific activities. 



When exercising please ensure that you follow all current guidelines and only exercise in areas where it is safe to do so.