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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Summer Term Overview Part 2

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KS2 Maths Challenge


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Sycamore year 3 PE throwing and catching skills.


Sycamore setting up a 'fair' science experiment. Topic lost in the jungle. Questions to prove- do plants need soil to grow? 

Sycamore year 3 - DT testing suitable materials to build a rainforest shelter.  Testing if they are waterproof and how strong they are. 

The children learnt what Vikings eat, made Viking bread, researched all about Viking shields, designed and made a Viking Shield. It was a really fun day, a great start to an exciting topic. 

Sycamore kicked off the topic Flying Food Airways by first having a guess at what country they think the food was grown in then carefully checking labels , then looking up the countries using atlases.

Here are some pics of our school trip to Paradise Wildlife Park and then to finish our topic - Lost in the Jungle we designed and made shelters for a jungle/rainforest. We then tested them to see if they were waterproof and strong enough to hold two china bowls. They all passed the test.  (Sycamore year 3)

Sycamore (year 3) carried out a science investigation. They tested rocks to see if they were permeable by dropping water on, more or less durable by sand papering them or how dense by dropping them in water. 

Sycamore Year 3 have been learning about primary and secondary colours by colour mixing in their new Sketch books

Sycamore- year 3 were putting their timetables skills into practice by trying to win the multiplication and division games. They also danced and sang to the songs which help them remember. 

Sycamore continuing to enjoy their sketch books. This week they were using the skill of tinting!

Sycamore year 3 have been making a wrapping a present for their family on Christmas jumper day!

Sycamore class- year 3 using globes and atlases to identify the southern and northern hemispheres as well as the countries around the equator line. 

Sycamore have been learning programming. Today they picked different characters, changed the backgrounds and added sound and motion. 

Sycamore finished off their Flying Food topic by cutting, grating, and peeling. They put together the salad they designed then enjoyed them. 

Sycamore completing circuits for coordination and control. 

 World Book Day 2022.

Sycamore have been designing and painting illuminated letters ( their own initial).

We also had a visitor in from the local church to talk about the importance of Easter to Christians. 

Sycamore were making the most in their 'light' topic by investigating which materials were translucent, transparent or opaque. 

Start to Sycamores new topic Biomes in a Box.  These children worked hard on this as their holiday homework.

Sycamore class celebrated the end of their topic today with a DT project. We had lots of fun painting an Ocean Biome painting and added in a moving mechanism to really bring our paintings to life!