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Sycamore Term Overview Summer 2020

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Sycamore Memorable Experience Day

(5 images)

Pictures from memorable experience to launch our new topic 'Predator'. The children designed and made their own predator

Created: 6 Mar 20 14:12 | Last modified: 6 Mar 20 14:14

Visit to Benfleet Creek

(7 images)

Scyamore went on a school trip to see Benfleet Creek as part of our Flow topic.

Created: 13 Feb 20 11:52 | Last modified: 13 Feb 20 11:56


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The children are writing newspaper reports. Here they are with their reporters notebook interviewing witnesses.

Created: 29 Jan 20 16:37 | Last modified: 29 Jan 20 16:37

Finished DT Project

(6 images)

Sycamores finished DT project. They went to James Hornsby and worked with the amazing Mr Vinas in their metal work rooms. Mr Vinas and Jeff finished off the figures by putting them on a wooden stand and painting them.

Created: 28 Jan 20 16:27 | Last modified: 28 Jan 20 16:29

Mud Pies

(2 images)

These photos show us making mud pies. The lesson was evaluating a set of instructions.

Created: 28 Jan 20 15:37 | Last modified: 28 Jan 20 16:18

Fantasy Fruit

(10 images)

DT- we designed and made our own fantasy fruit. We will be evaluating our designs against the original design. Discuss changes made, equipment used, what we like and what we would do different next time.

Created: 5 Nov 19 16:25 | Last modified: 5 Nov 19 16:27

Visit to the park

(7 images)

First day of our new project, exploring metals and their forces

Created: 5 Nov 19 14:58 | Last modified: 5 Nov 19 15:17


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We took a walk to Asda to find out what different countries food comes from.

Created: 4 Oct 19 16:47 | Last modified: 4 Oct 19 16:49

Bread Tasting

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As part of our project- Scrumdiddlyumptious, we tasted bread and then used rich vocabulary to describe the textures and flavours

Created: 4 Oct 19 15:53 | Last modified: 4 Oct 19 16:13