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Summer Term Overview Part 2

Year 2 Reading List

KS1 Maths Challenge 

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We were using atlases to find the equator, the continents and the poles. We were discussing how the countries closer to the equator were hotter.

In Willow Class, we are making moving monsters in DT!

The children made moving monsters using linkages and made them really colourful!

In DT, we were making wraps as part of a cooking and nutrition unit. The children looked at lots of different food and had to create their own wrap and evaluate it.

In year 2, we had a practical lesson using base 10 to show what happens when we add across a 10. The children exchanged ones for tens and created calculations using base 10 and whiteboards.

In year 2, we are looking at algorithms. We have been using the bee bots to test out our own algorithms.

KS1 did an amazing nativity of 'Baarmy Bethlehem'. Year 2 had the main speaking parts and looked amazing in their costumes.

 Thank you to all adults at home for their help and support.

In RE we are looking at Christianity and we were matching up the symbols with the pictures and the meaning of them. Lots of snipping needed!

Year 2 have been learning about the Fire of London in English and produced some fantastic booklets with pictures and writing.  On Friday, we went to the hall and shared them with year 1 and year 3. They worked really hard.